Monday, July 13, 2009

Houston, TX: Randalls Grocery Store - 2nd incident

Here is my note to Randalls after their bagger pissed me off today when I asked for double paper bags. I use double paper bags as I walk home from the grocery store and the bags hold the grocery better and I prefer paper over plastic.

Today, I went to your store in my neighborhood and a bagger gave me a lecture on recycling and proceed to pack all my items in one double paper bag.

He then put the bread in a plastic bag. I don't need to be lectured by your staff about recycling. I pay your store for groceries and expect to get the bags I need to take my grocery home. So I had to walk home with a very heavy bag walking carefully just in case the bags decide to tear. I'll have you know the paper handles have busted before on my way home.

This is really ridiculous and I don't expect to be treated this way when I patronize your store. If this continues, I will go to the Kroger which is just as convenient as the Randalls. I don't think it is too much to get the bags I require when I patronize your store. Already my groceries are more and more expensive each week. The least your store can do is to give me the type of bags I require when I visit your store.

I appreciate your looking into this matter and making the appropriate changes. The courtesy of an e-mail response is requested.

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