Monday, July 6, 2009

Houston, TX: Randalls Grocery Store

I went to the neighborhood Randalls today and here are two things that ticked me off:

1). I can no longer use my bank card for cash transactions at your counter. I am told to use the ATM for cash then come back to the counter. Using this ATM cost me money so this is not a good thing. Why was this instituted and when will it be changed? The store manager was no where to be found so I could make a complaint.

2). Last week I shopped as usual and requested double paper bags as usual. The cashier advised that my bags cannot be doubled. He then proceeded to make it difficult for me to complete my transaction by mouthing off about not being allowed to double bag. I then told him that I'm not allowed to pay for these groceries threatening to leave them behind. He finally double bagged reluctantly.

If they keep this up I will have to write them a letter.

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