Monday, April 23, 2007

Reliant Energy

About a month ago, I got a letter with my electricity bill! It was unusually large. I was so pissed off, that I immediately switched to another company. A few days later a confirmation came in the mail, but I kind of ignored it.

Today, April 23, I got a letter from Reliant dated April 12, 2007 explaining that they were sorry about the estimated bills I was sent previously. They blamed it on CenterPoint Energy as they are responsible for reading the meters. Telling me that it will take up to 60 days to correct this mess.

I was really happy to get this letter until I read the last paragraph; it said:

"I value your business and hope we can maintain your trust and respect. If you hav eany questions about teh accuracy of your meter reading or concerns about this or any other issues, you can visit reliant/com/readmeter to perform a self reading of your meter; you can also call us at (713) 207-7777 or (866) 222-7100 and we will be happy to assist you."

What? So you messed up my bill and now I have to call to clear it up? How about sending me a new bill with the correct charges? I think I will just wait for you to send me a correct bill.

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