Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sam's Club

My mom just moved from Florida and her TV no longer works. She called me to tell me and then I thought, I'll call Sam's to see what gives.

First, though I went on their site and tried to sign in. No go at all as it said I lost my card!

Your card has been lost. Please register with your new membership number. If you wish to purchase a new membership, click here.

Of course not as I have that card in my possession, so how could I have lost it? I had them send me my password as I thought that I had forgotten it since it would not log me in and the same message again. I even tried to update my card, but same message.

So finally, I called up and the options on the line do not allow me to talk to a person. Finally I picked an option about online purchases. A lady came on the line and said she can't help me as I did not buy the TV online. I said, but you are saying that I cannot get into my account to see when I bought the TV? She said no. I found that quite strange.

She then gave me the number for the store in Florida for me to call so that they can take care of me there. I then asked her what she does and she says that they help people with getting into their account. So I told her I had issues. She looked up my account and confirmed that I lost my card or it was reported lost. I told her again that I am looking at the card so that is not the case. She then said that I had to go to a local store for help.

If you've ever gone to a local store, you know it is a nightmare there. You can't do anything unless you have your card and they can't look up anything about your account. So I am dreading having to go there.

I told her that all I wanted to do was to find out when I bought the TV and if I had paid for the warranty. She even said that she would delete my account since I had lost my card. So I said why would she do that, she said that was how the system worked. I could tell she was getting as irritated with me as I was with her by her tone. She says that she cannot help me as I never bought that TV online. She did tell me about my TV though that I had bought online back in 2003.

She did say I should just take back the TV to the local store and they can help, but I have no receipt or anything so I don't know how that will work out. And my sister will have to do it since I am not close to where my mom is living.

I thanked her and hung up the phone very disappointed. It was just a really bad experience all around.

I then called the local store in Florida who sent me to Customer Service. I waited for about five minutes and then hung up. I called again about 30 minutes later and got the same level of service.

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