Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lack luster service at Mia Bella Trattoria Houston TX

Hi Xxxxxx,

I was just in your restaurant at 2006 Lexington St. and the service was to say the least lack lustre. We had a party of 8 for a birthday celebratory lunch. Here are some items of concern:
1). The restaurant was very empty but the service level was not there as it took a while for our orders to be taken and yet another while for the orders to arrive. One of my friends mentioned later that her entree was not hot enough.
2). We only received one helping of bread and was never asked if we needed any more which would have been welcome since our wait for the meal was so long.
3). The waiter never asked if everything was O.K. after bring the meal or if we needed anything additional.
4). One of my friends ordered the crab cakes thinking it was a meal, but it turned out to just be one cake. I think the waiter should have mentioned that this was the case seeing that everyone else was ordering full lunches
5). At the end, one of my party even got up and re-filled the glass of one of our friends as it was empty. Another friend also wanted a refill on his ice tea, but no one was available.
6). I had the French fries and it was just not good; the fries were overcooked and were just too thin.

I think I saw only one other table that was there and then they left and one other arrived and sat in our area. I think there may have been one or two other occupied tables in the entire place.

Oh and the bill had 18% forced gratuity on it as well. We would have welcomed the opportunity to tip for the service level received, but that was not an option.

Just thought you should know how I felt about the level of service we received.

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