Monday, July 14, 2008

what are banks for anyways?

I just went to Bank of America during lunch and withdraw some money. I was charged $3.00 for this convenience. Of course, my own bank will do the same later on when I get my statement. Of course in the town where I live, there is only one branch of my bank close to where I live, but that is an entire other story.

I then went inside the bank and stood on line and waited my turn. When I was called forward, I asked for a roll of quarters which is $10 and I presented a $20. The agent said to me if I had an account with Bank of America, I said no (I actually have a credit card and brokerage accounts with them, but I don't think those count). She then said that they usually don't give change to non-customers. The nerve I thought. where do these banks get off with saying such silliness.

I then mentioned to her, that I guess that I'm a customer since I just paid $10 to use your ATM. She then said we don't charge $10, to which I said, I made an error, I meant $3.

I thought she was quite rude as she did look at me funny when she made the last comment. I then thanked her and left the bank.

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