Thursday, January 18, 2007

No Lower Rate for you

Date of Incident: Thu. Jan. 18, 2007.
Place of Incident: The phone

I have a credit card with a major credit card company in the U.S. Last year, I started my financial health and called them to get a lower rate as I was doing other companies.

They told me as they've done before, "No." I asked as I've asked before, why not. They said, well your account is closed. I politely asked why and they said they don't know, but its been closed since 2004. I was quite puzzled as the statment I was looking at did not indicate that and it actually showed an available credit line.

I asked some more and they said that if your account is closed they cannot lower the interest rate. I was a little angry as the inerest rate is 29.99%. So any lowering would save me money.

Annoyed I asked for the customer service contact information, which I was given. I was too upset, so I did nothing with it.

Today, I called again and of course was told the same thing, except this time around the really pleasant agent had me hold and went and researched the whole thing. Apparently back in 2004, I had called and asked to get on a payment plan with them, this action subsequently closed my account and I was sent a letter to that effect. No memory of the letter here.

She did give me a fax number to file my written complaint after I requested it. She was also very pleasant and apologized for not being able to adjust the rate.

My faxed letter will go out tomorrow. Let's see how that goes.

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